We <3 Climate Podcasts

We <3 Climate Podcasts

Sometimes we get asked to cover things like energy policy or agriculture or politics on Hot Take, and we get it … a lot of people have one climate show they listen to and they kinda want everything from it. But Hot Take is a media show, so we figured why not tell you guys about allll the other great shows out there, or coming soon, so you can find great commentary, stories, or information on all the many sides of the issue?

Here is a still-not-exhaustive list of our faves. First up, a whole bunch of great new stuff coming from Amy’s network, the one we’re on, Critical Frequency (you can listen to previews in the audio clip above!):

  • Generation Green New Deal A new generation has pushed the climate crisis to the center of American politics. Generation Green New Deal is about the people doing the pushing. Coming September 15th and hosted by filmmaker Sam Eilertsen. (listen to the end of the super-trailer above for a special bonus from these guys—if you want more scoops like these, sign up for their newsletter!)
  • No Place Like Home A podcast about the heart of the climate issue. Binge all of S3, Bring the Light, now! It brings together lessons from various religious beliefs about strength in the face of crisis.
  • Drilled Amy’s other podcast, Drilled is a true-crime pod about climate change. New season, coming soon, looks at the case between Chevron and several indigenous tribes in Ecuador. (Sept)
  • Inherited We don't choose the world we inherit. But we do choose what we do with it. Stories from, for, and by the youth climate movement. Co-produced by Georgia Wright and Julianna Bradley, this one brings you inside the stories and emotions of the youth climate movement. It’s inspiring! (Sept)
  • Hazard A true-crime podcast that poses the question: Why are chemicals presumed innocent until proven deadly? In the first season of Hazard, supported by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, journalist Amy Roost takes listeners along on her journey to discover the cause of her own children's birth defects. The result is a deeply personal and shocking story that highlights environmental racism, the deep flaws in the U.S. approach to chemical regulation, and the role of corporate money in shaping environmental policy. (Oct)

Elsewhere in the pod universe:

  • How to Save a Planet A new climate podcast from the folks at Gimlet and Spotify! Co-hosted by the great Ayana Johnson, with additional reporting from one of our fave Hot Take guests, Kendra Pierre-Louis, this pod is focused on solutions, but doesn’t leave out the storytelling.
  • Mothers of Invention One of our favorites, back for a new season! Climate change is a man-made problem — with a feminist solution. Co-hosted by former President of Ireland Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins.
  • Warm Regards All your science questions answered, with laughs and great conversation, co-hosted by our pal Dr. Jacquelyn Gill.
  • The Energy Gang All your energy questions answered! From Greentech Media, this pod brings together energy, tech and policy experts to discuss the latest in policy and technology.
  • Think 100%: The Coolest Show A masterclass on the intersections of climate, gender, race and justice, hosted by longtime civil rights leader Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr., CEO of Hip Hop Caucus.
  • Floodlines Not technically a climate show, but we can’t stop recommending this deep dive into Katrina, especially with the anniversary coming up this weekend (stay tuned for a special bonus episode from us Saturday!)
  • The Energy Transition Show Straight talk about the world’s transition from fossil fuels to renewables with energy expert Chris Nelder.
  • So Hot Right Now A climate storytelling pod with our friends across the pond, journalist Lucy Siegle (The Guardian, The One Show) and filmmaker Tom Mustill (Greta Thunberg, #NatureNow) in conversation with climate communicators all over the world, from George Monbiot and Sir David Attenborough to Native American organizer Krystal Two Bulls (and of course … us!)


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