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Hi folks,

We're both still evacuated, but should be getting home this week. It's been a chaotic and exhausting time, so we don't have a full newsletter this week, but we do have the weekly digest for you, thanks to researchers Julianna Bradley and Georgia Wright (co-creators/producers of Inherited). And some good news: Global media coverage of climate change just hit its highest point in TEN YEARS. That's probably because of a combination of the latest IPCC report and all the climate disasters, but it's promising to see so many outlets naming the cause here, and we're starting to see more and more outlets say what we've been saying for a while: everyone's a climate reporter now.

Thanks for bearing with us, and we'll be back with more next weekend!

Mary & Amy

Weekly Digest

A roundup of this week's climate coverage.

Rising Temperatures, Rising Tides

These Maps Tell the Story of Two Americas: One Parched, One Soaked, by Aatish Bhatia and Nadja Popovich for The New York Times

The Severe Weather Event We Routinely Ignore: Poor Air Quality, by Liza Featherstone for The New Republic

Air pollution is slashing years off the lives of billions, report finds, by Damian Carrington for The Guardian

Over 20 people killed in US north-east amid sudden heavy rains and flooding, by Nina Lakhani, Mark Oliver and Martin Pengelly for The Guardian

How Do You Tell the Story of a Fire? by Emma Hager for The Nation

New York Sees Record Rain, Flash Floods From Ida, 9 Dead by Brian Kahn for Earther

Shocking Aerial Images Show Extent of Ida's Damage in Louisiana by Molly Taft for Earther

California's Forest Carbon Offsets Are Burning Amid Record Fires by Rishika Pardikar for Earther

How Hurricane Ida's path, climate change, and Covid-19 made the Gulf vulnerable by Umair Irfan and Benji Jones for Vox

Hurricane Ida Is a Manmade Disaster by Jake Bittle for The New Republic

The science behind super-strong hurricanes like Ida by Zoya Teirstein for Grist

New York is particularly vulnerable to extreme storms. Here's why. by Brad Plumer for The New York Times

Hurricane Ida Tests New Orleans by Christopher Flavelle for The New York Times

Hurricanes, wildfires, and drought: US finds itself battling climate disasters on several fronts by Rachel Ramirez for CNN

How climate change helped make Hurricane Ida one of Louisiana’s worst by Sarah Kaplan for The Washington Post

What We Know About Climate Change and Hurricanes by Veronica Penney for The New York Times

Scientists Discovered a New Arctic Warning Signal for Catastrophic Winter Weather, by Becky Ferreira for Vice

Wild Videos Show the Terrifying Power of Hurricane Ida, by Paul Blest for Vice

How Hurricane Ida flooded the Northeast, by Joshua Carroll for The Washington Post

‘We left it in God’s hands’: floods wreck Spanish seaside town, by the AP in Alcanar for the Guardian

‘Everything is changing’: the struggle for food as Malawi’s Lake Chilwa shrinks, by Madalitso Wills Kateta for The Guardian

Climate crisis likely creating extreme winter weather events, says report by Hallie Golden for the Guardian

What's causing the Caldor and Dixie California fires: Heat, wind, and drought, by Umair Irfan for Vox

A Coastal Expert on What Comes After Ida, by Molly Taft for Earther

The Climate Presidency?

Biden says Ida, wildfires show 'climate crisis' has struck by Darlene Superville and Josh Boak for the Associated Press

The true social cost of carbon needs to factor in mortality, by Sigal Samuel for Vox

China Tells Kerry Strained Ties Could Sink Climate Cooperation by Chris Buckley and Lisa Friedman for The New York Times

Biden Opens New Federal Office for Climate Change, Health and Equity by Lisa Friedman for The New York Times

In Afghanistan, War and Climate Change Collide by Somini Sengupta for The New York Times

Democrats call on House leadership to use spending plan to repeal fossil fuel subsidies, by Mychael Schnell for The Hill

The US Installed More Wind Energy Than Any Other Energy Source Last Year, by Audrey Carleton for Vice

Climate crisis likely creating extreme winter weather events, says report, by Hallie Golden for The Guardian

Poor U.S.-China ties will hurt climate change cooperation, Beijing warns Kerry, by Lily Kuo and Brady Dennis for The Washington Post

After a Summer of Disasters, Some Lawmakers See a Chance for Climate Action, by Coral Davenport and Brad Plumer

Climate Accountability

Gassing Satartia: Carbon Dioxide Pipeline Linked To Mass Poisoning by Dan Zegart in HuffPost

Why won’t US TV news say ‘climate change’? By Mark Hertsgaard for The Guardian

Entergy Fought Climate Rules. Now, New Orleans Is in the Dark by Dharna Noor for Earther

Big Oil Coined 'Carbon Footprints' to Blame Us for Their Greed by Rebecca Solnit for Earther

Climate Change Is Bankrupting America's Small Towns by Christopher Flavelle for The New York Times

Ida Hit One of the Country’s Biggest Oil and Chemical Hubs by Hiroko Tabuchi for The New York Times

Bitcoin Uses More Electricity Than Many Countries. How Is That Possible? in The New York Times

New York Amazon Employees Had to Work During Deadly Floods, by Dharna Noor for Earther

Justice Is Justice Is Justice

Climate change will be a tougher burden for minorities in the US, by Darryl Fears and Dino Grandoni for the Washington Post

Indigenous militias are fighting to save the Brazilian Amazon by Salomé Gómez-Upegui for Vox

Climate Change Means Teaching Kids to Love What They Might Soon Lose by Aaron Regunberg for The New Republic

Hurricane Ida Shows Why Inequity Is Becoming the Biggest Climate-Covid Threat by Melody Schreiber for The New Republic

Louisiana's Native communities face a long Hurricane Ida recovery by Mark Armao for Grist

Hurricane Ida shows New Orleans trying to police its way out of disaster by Adam Mahoney for Grist

“I can't breathe”: climate change and environmental racism. by Jason Johnson for Slate

As Hurricane Ida Hits Louisiana, the Climate Change Future Is Upon Us – Mother Jones by Tim Murphy for Mother Jones

Broke and Sweltering: Louisiana Is Struggling After Hurricane Ida, by Emma Ockerman for Vice

Hurricane Ida: How disaster recovery and climate policy can fight inequality in New Orleans and beyond by Daniel A. Gross for Vox

Climate Change Is Bankrupting America's Small Towns, by Christopher Flavelle for The New York Times

An Economic Lifeline in South America, the Paraná River, Is Shriveling, by Daniel Politi for The New York Times

Why Wasn't New York Prepared for Hurricane Ida? By Jesse McKinley, Dana Rubenstein and Jeffery C. Mays for The New York Times

Glimmers of Hope

How one town put politics aside to save itself from fire by Nathanael Johnson for Grist

Amid the Misery of Hurricane Ida, Coastal Restoration Offers Hope. But the Price Is High by James Bruggers and Bob Berwyn for Inside Climate News

Federal judge in Arizona throws out Trump's Navigable Waters Protection Rule, which affects wetlands, by Dino Grandoni and Brady Dennis for The Washington Post

Climate in Culture

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch review – eco doc prettifies disaster, by Phuong Le for The Guardian

Walking Places Is Part of the Culture Wars Now, by Aaron Gordon for Vice

Study: The public is pretty confused by your climate change jargon by Kate Yoder & Matthew Craft for Grist

The missed opportunity of Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ by Emily Pontecorvo for Grist

The NYC Subway Is Going to Flood A Lot and There's Nothing We Will Do About It, by Aaron Gordon for Vice

Experts Predicted All Cars Would Be Hybrid by 2020. Why Were They Wrong? by Aaron Gordon for Vice

Atlas of the Invisible: using data to map the climate crisis, by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti for The Guardian

Young Australians ‘screaming’ for climate action but don’t trust leaders to make change, survey suggests, by Royce Kurmelovs for The Guardian

Anxiety and biscuits: the climate cafes popping up around the world, in The Guardian

Help Identify This Viral Delivery Rider To Get Them $1,700, by Matt Novak for Earther

Plus More

The IPCC Should Get Better at Climate Propaganda by Liza Featherstone in The New Republic

How Do We Know Cows Are So Bad for the Climate? by Molly Taft for Earther

Greta Thunberg 'Urgently' Asks for Help Evacuating Afghan Climate Activists by Shoshana Wodinsky for Earther

How Can You Overcome Climate Dread? by Molly Taft for Earther

Northern California fishing adapts to drought, climate change, by Hailey Branson-Potts for The L.A. Times

Weather disasters are now far more frequent and costly but less deadly, U.N. says, by Seth Borenstein and Jamey Keaten

Florida's diseased corals faced extinction, until this rescue plan, by Teresa Tomassoni for The Washington Post

Satellite Images Find Oil Spill in Gulf Left in Ida’s Wake, by Hiroko Tabuchi and Blacki Migliozzi for The New York Times

Climate Change Is a Top Priority For Voters: What Campaigns Are Promising, by Anya Zoledziowski for Vice


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